feet up, coffee, fireplace

Contemplation …

Today I love old time radio, like when they used to have live guests come in and play. I love that today, “92.3 The Dock” put on a morning Christmas concert and invited some of the members of our musical community in to perform. I love that we got asked and I love that, even though I woke up feeling sick today, we made it in to the station and played. I love that I feel good enough about that that I don’t mind feeling this sick right now. I love how this shows me what a little love and fun can do for someone. I love that The Dock put our performance (and other ones) up on Facebook live. I love that I haven’t looked at it yet, only just found the link. I love that we didn’t get much practice in but managed to get through the tune with only a couple of errors. I love that we were all wearing our 8:08 shirts in honor of our late friend Bob Wallace, the much loved former Dock morning man and equally much loved member of our community. I love that his community minded spirit has led to such wonderful things as this annual show on the air. I love, and am honored to be a part of it.

Today I love that I don’t really have all that much to do. I love that I may be able to take it a little easy today, even though the holidays are coming and there is stuff that needs doing. I love that I can pick and choose from my list and I will choose the things that make the most difference with the least effort, and save my strength for the harder things when I’m feeling better. I love that the fireplace is taking care of me. I love that, although I woke up shaking in the night, I wasn’t cold, ’cause I hate shaking and cold at the same time. I love that no matter what this thing is that’s got me now I will survive it like I survive everything, with pig-headed stubbornness and an ability to deny that there’s anything much wrong.

Today I love the cream cheese danishes at the radio station, maybe I have the wrong job, I want those at work every day. I love that last night I couldn’t put my Kindle down for quite a while and I suddenly realized how much it resembled a real book in that respect. I love that there is food in the slow cooker and more in the fridge, ready made meals in case I get worse instead of better.

Today I love drinking coffee in front of the fireplace with my feet up, and remembering our friend Bob Wallace and how good it is this year to be able to carry on this tradition in his honor.