snow and lake

Untouched white …

Today I love my Kindle because it is like carrying a library in your pocket. I still love the smell of real books, the feel of them in my hands, the weight of them and the way you know how far through a story you are by how many pages you have left to read, but I love that I can finish one book on my kindle and start the next without putting one away physically and getting out the next. I love that I can buy a book without getting out of bed, and have it in my hand in moments without starting up the truck and driving to the library or the bookstore. I love that, although it was uncomfortable at first, almost painfully awkward to have to remember to tap the page to get it to turn, and it was annoying to do that before finishing the page I was reading (the equivalent of getting ready by lifting the next page just a bit before you finished the page you’re on), I have grown comfortable with this machine. I love that I am now happy to have books in two formats, some paper and some electronic, because in the end all that means is more books for me. I love books.

Today I love that, although the snowblower has sheared a shear pin, I know how to fix that and will soon be back in business. I love that all the stuff is happening with the snowblower now rather than it all happening when winter really sets in. I love that I can deal with winter and that means winter can just deal with me, ’cause I’m not going to be intimidated by some little old season of snow. I love being in the country when it is snowing. I love how fresh and clean it looks with large open fields of untouched snow.

Today I love how much the cottage living room reminds me of my old house where I lived for thirty one years. I love the sight of snow on cedar and spruce trees outside the window. I love the water dotted with brave ducks. I love that the pair of crows that hang out here have been named Nip and Tuck after the L.M. Montgomery crows in The Blue Castle. I love that, although I’m not a good golfer, I’m looking forward to golfing when winter passes.

Today I love drinking coffee while contemplating sheets of untouched snow.