kelly caricature

Smiling makes me look younger

Today I love my crazy old face and the fun way it looks when Sam Gorrie draws it for me. I love that Sam came to “Rockin’ For The Food Bank” yesterday and helped the cause by doing her wonderful caricatures for people at a great rate and giving half the money from that to the food bank. I love that this is the second time I’ve had Sam draw me and I actually look younger now than I did two years ago, so you know she must be good at her job, eh? I love that this annual show seems to always change and yet always stay the same solid show that we’ve come to rely on. I love all the talent that shows up and donates their time, love playing this show when I am among the talent and especially enjoyed getting the opportunity to be in the audience last night. I love how many of my friends were part of the show either as volunteers or talent or, in some cases, both, ’cause that just reminds me that I know how to choose good people as friends. I love that this happens in my town, I love this place.

Today I love that this is the last Friday of the year and so it will be the last open mic of the year. I love that I get to host this thing every week, that so many people have come and performed there and over the years we’ve had some great starts happen there and some wonderful professionals play for us as well. I love that people use the open mic to get a taste of performing, to try out new songs, to warm up for gigs, and to just catch entertainment. I love being at some show and suddenly remembering that the performers have at some point just casually dropped in to the open mic and played a few songs for us. It happened the other night at Harp and Holly when I suddenly remembered that Sandra Swannell and Terry Young have come to the Bleeding Carrot and played us some tunes on a Friday afternoon. I love my job.

Today I love sleeping in. I love cooking breakfast and eating it in the sunlight. I love making plans over breakfast. I love sharing lists of accomplishments we’d like to achieve. I love being this old and this young at the same time.

Today I love drinking coffee and admiring my crazy old face as drawn by my friend Sam Gorrie.