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Today I Love My Christmas Morning

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Happy everything, to everyone

Today I love my Christmas morning and the joy it has brought me thus far. I love that there was an exchange of wrapped books on loan, the gift being the opportunity to read something that the other person loved and then return it when done. I love new Christmas traditions that feel like they could become old and wonderful very quickly and this one feels like it could be one like that. I’m so glad it was suggested to me and especially glad it was suggested to me by someone who wanted to do that with me. Today I love that someone sent me a friend request this morning and we have had almost no conversation thus far beyond talking about a mutual friend and how wonderful she is. I love when people talk nicely about someone else behind their back, I make a point of trying to do that often. I love when things like that happen at this time of year. I love how easy it is for people to look for the good and find ways to see it as great when they put their minds to the task. I love even more when people discover that ability in them self.

Today I love that we are spending the day at home. We were supposed to go visit family a couple of hours away, but the weather is not cooperating, and although I would have loved to see family gathering and meeting and enjoying each other’s company, I’m happy that the parts of the family that were in our car are going to be safely off the road today. I love that there is a second gathering next week and that we will make every possible effort to attend that and let that birthday gathering be our substitute family Christmas. I love that we will get to thank Lincoln for helping us get together by having his eighth birthday so handy to the holidays.

Today I love the way this day has settled into itself and found its way. I love that my friends are all reporting in on the Facebook and other social medias about their happiness and celebration. I love finding ways to celebrate my life and pursue adventures and view things in ways that make them realize their full potential for being wonderful. I love that there is a roast in the slow cooker now and new plans for the day that include playing in the snow and watching a movie in the comfort of our home, possibly from the comfort of a blanket fort, because … we can’t go anywhere so we might as well create a defensible position and fortify it with cookies and pillows and glorious wonderful coffee.

Today I love drinking coffee in the glorious light and warmth of a day of love. Happy Chanukkah, merry Christmas, happy Eid, happy new year, and joyous holidays to each and all. I love that you’ve read this, but if it’s helped you find love that you didn’t know was there, then I love that even more.

Today I Love My Christmas Morning

Kelly Babcock

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