Cardinal in cedar

Enjoying more oxygen …

Today I love life in the cold. I love that there is more oxygen in colder air because I seem to need more oxygen these days and I have to go out in the cold so that’s a happy coincidence, yes? I love that even when I’m sitting inside the house I can see signs of life out there, like this cardinal in the cedars that is just minding his own business and enjoying the clear air and possibly contemplating which feeder he might go to visit next. I love remembering my own bird feeders from my old home and how polluted with wild birds they were. I love remembering the tree that grew beside my deck, that started out shorter than I was when we bought the house and now towers easily sixty feet above the ground and houses so many birds of such variety in the winter and in other seasons as well. I love how it stood guard over the birds that chose to avail themselves of its protection and how it kept them comfortable, safe, and happy while they dawdled so close to my home that I could watch them for hours without being perceived a threat to them.

Today I love whirlwind cleanups like the one we did yesterday at the cottage when it was time to head home. I love that our home is also tidied up here in the post Christmas era. I love that I am reading the Kane Chronicles because we exchanged books we each wanted to share with the other on Christmas morning and the fun thing was that we both chose trilogies. I love that I am enjoying the books I got very much. I love that this Christmas has been one of my favorites. I love that the damned snow blower is still working this time, ’cause I don’t want to shovel snow.

Today I love fried eggs and ham for breakfast. I love oranges in winter more because my mother loved them so very much, than for any other reason. I love surprise gifts from good friends. I love music that suddenly pops into my head from years ago. I love Christmas memories that bring family members back to life in my heart. I love that this time of year keeps making me happy and that the happy just keeps going.

Today I love drinking coffee at the breakfast table while appreciating the wild life outside.