snow in driveway

No blower needed, yet …

Today I love choir and tonight is the first of our two performances for this season. I love that I am not yet comfortable with the songs we are doing, because that will make me pay attention and I’ll not be likely to wander off mentally during the show and then suddenly become aware  that I have no idea where we are. I love seat-of-my-pants choiring. I love that I am never nervous on stage, and I don’t know why. I love that I’ve learned to accept the nervousness, and feel empathy for those who are, though I try not to show it because I am hoping my being fearless will make them brave. I love that I don’t consider fearlessness to be bravery, and I love that this helps me respect my fellow choristers, they are the brave ones.  I love how every choir season is different and yet every season ends up being the same in that the show comes off sparkling and shining, no matter what went wrong, and if anything goes wrong, with the exception of that time I forgot an entire line in a solo, no one ever notices, because the big things are what count and the big thing about our choir is the choir itself.

Today I love that I am a busy boy. I love that I have meetings about writing and stuff like that. I love that I have new business cards that say I write. I love that I have cards that say I work for the Hub, because I am especially proud of that enterprises determination and its endeavors to be a current in content and format, big in its presence, but not so big as to be uncaring to its community. I love that I  get to write for other places as well, like here at Psych Central and for the other sites that do me the honor of publishing my work.

Today I love sparkling snow, despite the fact that we have had enough of it already to satisfy many of my neighbors. I love that we have snow tires on the car and all terrain tires on the truck and we’re ready for this. I love that when I’m done writing here today I have to clear out the driveway, though I don’t think it’s worthy of the snow blower so it looks like a shovel day today. I love the coming season, the excitement that some people feel this time of year, this month. I love all the things that keep people busy and distract them from the change in the weather.

Today I love a good hot cup of coffee to warm me up before I head out to clean out that driveway.