coming storm

Heading in to the storm

Today I love being in the middle of December and feeling the season rev up and get set to rumble down the runway and take off. I love hearing people say that they have to accept this weather because it is winter after all, and I love that even though I have to bite my tongue and not say “Actually, it’s still Autumn, so … no.” but I do bite my tongue and I do not say anything because I don’t want them to fret any more than they already do. I love that the sky was as clear as a bell at home this morning and the moon was stunning in the predawn, even though just a few miles east of town the whole world is snow and blowing, and the traffic was crawling on the drive to my Wednesday office. I love that we had no trouble, and that the only accident we saw was someone who had slide off the road and made a pretty good indent in the snowbank but was out of their car and getting help already. I love when everyone on the road drives like we’re all in this together and we’re all going to get through it together.

Today I love that I have slept really well two nights in a row now and I’m thinking this might be a good habit to get into. I love feeling energized as I go through my day and usually I get that from being determined to get stuff done, but being rested AND determined works even better. I love that this year my holidays are a new kind of adventure for me but that I’ll be bringing some of my old challenges to the holidays because I’ve already volunteered to bake for the big day.

Today I love that I’m trying not to get too excited over my upcoming late January adventure but I’m having a bit of trouble keeping a lid on the excitement. I love that I’ll be curling on Friday night this week, even though that may be the last time for the year (I should find out, eh?). I love that there are so many things happening in the next two weeks and I’m going to get to as many of them as I can. I love that most of them are charity events, like Rocking For The Food Bank on the 28th, that one is always a good time for a good cause.

Today I love drinking coffee after arriving safely at my Wednesday office.