lights on tree

Happy coming holidays

Today I love abandoning worry and the fact that this year I’ve had less worry to abandon and I’ve abandoned it sooner. Normally I give up on worrying about Christmas at about 11PM on Christmas eve, but in the last few years I’ve been able to give that worry over to the past much earlier and this year I’ve already handed it off, and I love that. I love that I cut the list of movies I wanted to see this year in half by watching one of the two of them. I love that I didn’t hate it, though I don’t want to watch it again anytime soon. I love that I made seven pie shells yesterday and that I will be freezing some of them, but I’ll also be making pies for Christmas day. I love that I got my pie carrier in the mail yesterday. I still hope I’ll get my old one back if we ever figure out where it went and hope is a thing worth loving. I love that my life is full of hopes both grand and small, and I love that even the small ones are worthy of love.

Today I love that I got an email today from someone who read one of my ADHD posts and they were happy they had found it. I love when that happens. I love to hear from people who say that they feel less alone in the world after reading what I have to say about my odd and quirky life. I love my odd and quirky life. I love that I gave up trying to be “normal” many years ago. I love the life I live now and I love it even more since my recent commitment to adventure.

Today I love music in the downtown core at my open mic this afternoon at the Bleeding Carrot and then later tonight when I get to see my friends Terry Young and Sandra Swannell perform their show, Harp & Holly, with their friend, Sharlene Wallace at Central Westside United Church. I love how full of music this town is all the time, but I love how it manages to fill up more this time of year. I love the way the very air tingles and jingles with music and the quiet echos of it linger down side streets and in alleys. I love that it’s just a little over twelve weeks ’til spring.

Today I love drinking a hot, worry free cup of coffee as I plan what pies to bake and get ready to blow the snow out of the driveway once again.