snowshoes & coffee

Goodbye, 2017, I’m shoeing you out the door …

Today I love 2017 and all the wonderful adventures it has brought me. I love all the books I’ve read this year. I love all the places I’ve been this year. I love all the things I’ve done this year, both the ones I’ve done before and the ones I did for the first time. I love that 2017 had so many opportunities for me to travel and wander, to discover things both close to home and far away. I love that this year I got to experience new foods and cultures and activities. I love that I was able to continue doing so many of the things I love, writing, making music, being on and in the water, finding my way around and through and into the heart of my own life. I love that this year blessed me with new friends. I love that those whose passing affected me this year were valuable pieces of my life, and that missing them reminds me of how good my life is, how much richer I am because they were here.

Today I love plans to go out snowshoeing on this last day of the year. I love that I will likely be the only one with real wooden snowshoes, and that that seems somehow fitting, given my age and the age of my shoes. I love that there are grocery shopping plans and plans to make our way to the chalet to ring in the new year from that secluded spot of peace and contentment. I love that I’m pretty sure there will be a huge cumulative, cooperative Scrabble game tonight and that we’re gunning for a better score than that one thousand and whatever score we managed last week. I love that there is always potential to do better in life, but this year of 2017 saw lots of records set for me to break in the new year. I love that I’m up for that challenge.

Today I love homemade bread, toasted and buttered and covered with real jam. I love traditional things and I love new and exciting things. I love the contradiction of learning how to participate in older cultures that are new to me. I love the juxtaposition of me taking part in cultures that are outside the realm of my own particular genetic soup. I love the paradox of respectful cultural participation.

Today I love sipping hot coffee and contemplating vintage snowshoes and how they represent, in their own way, respectful cultural participation.