leaves in snow

Transition, autumn to winter

Today I love this first day of real snow for this year here in my corner of the world. I love that over fifty years ago my brother and I were sent next door to my grandparent’s house and told there was a package there for us. We walked through the garden and found our grandparents just arriving home and getting a box out of the back of the car. It took both of us to carry it home because it kept jiggling like it was alive but we were told not to open it until we got home with it. When we opened it in the kitchen, out jumped the most loving and excited and happy puppy we had ever known to exist, and she loved us so much that we thought she was going to exhaust herself with all the gyrating she was doing. We thought she loved us more than anything in the world, but later that year we found that she reserved her truest and most passionate love for the first day of snow each year. I love that she was like that, even though that’s what Samoyeds do. I loved that silly little husky. And I love that every year when the first real snow falls, I want to open up the back door and let a dog out and watch as it careens around the yard in the wildest abandonment of joy that anyone could ever imagine. But alas, our dear Amanda lasted twenty two years and has been gone now for thirty years. I love that she still plows up the backyard snow in my heart and my memories.

Today I love that the car is going to get its winter tires on this weekend. I love that the truck has all terrain tires and will just be treating the snow and ice as part of that “all terrain” spectrum. I love that people are finally starting to realize that “all season” only really means three seasons here in Canada and are getting their snow tires and winter attitudes on earlier each year.

I love the apple raisin cinnamon oatmeal I made this week. I love that I make a week’s worth and just dole it out each morning, like Fagan’s gruel in Oliver Twist. I love that I am wearing my winter hat today, and I’ll be wearing it out to the open mic this afternoon and maybe while curling as well.

Today I love drinking coffee by the fire in my winter hat while the snow brightens up even this grey, cloudy day.