Good morning

Today I love this balmy day in late November with the temperature already in the forties and promising to creep up into the fifties. I love that there is an intention on my part to get at that tree lighting in the front yard and I’ve only got a couple of errands to run so that has a good chance of getting started this morning and maybe finished too … we’ll see. I love that my plan is to climb my tallest ladder and I’m pretty sure that it’s tall enough, though there may be a little bit of stretching involved. I love that I can still stretch, that I do yoga these days, that I am able to lunge pretty well since that is a requirement of traditional curling, and that I’m physically flexible enough and mentally rigid enough to be proud of the shape I’m in. I love how much of my life is now taken up with considering how good I am at things given my age because, quite frankly, when I was a teenager I doubted that I’d survive past twenty-one. I love that I survived past twenty-one, and that I found things in life to make that survival worth it.

Today I love winter travel plans and that it looks like they may just work out. I love that I have never left my country in the winter before and never made any attempt to go someplace to avoid this upcoming season, and I love that I can still say with all honesty that I still am not attempting to go away to avoid the winter, it just worked out that way. I love that this will be my first trip abroad in more than two decades. I love that it is weeks away yet and I’m starting to get excited even though I didn’t think I would.

Today I love crazy customs like putting lights on trees. I love that the custom of lighting a tree came from a man lying under a tree in the night in the winter and seeing the stars through the branches and wanting to share that experience with his family. I love that it occurs to me that it would have been easier for him to take his family to the tree instead of cutting it down and putting candles on its branches. I love that I wonder if he still got them to lie on the floor under the tree, ’cause that’s the kind of weird stuff that goes through my mind.

Today I love drinking early morning coffee as the sun slides up into the early morning sky.