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Today I Love The Santa Claus Parade

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Today I love the Santa Claus Parade that happens every year in my town. I love that some of the floats are the same ones that have been in our parade for like ever. I love that, compared to bigger urban centers, our parade is very naive and down-home, but compared to the parade that will take place at the last possible minute before Christmas, in the village of my youth, where motorized anything isn’t allowed, this one is very chic and progressive. I love that, in our little city I always meet people I know when I’m out on the street, and today I also knew people in the parade again and this year some clown kissed me. I love that I didn’t recognize the clown until she spoke. I love that we curled with the clown last night. I love that tonight there will be fireworks over the river, and the switch will be thrown on the “Festival of Northern Lights” and the 26 kilometers of displays and lights will be turned on for people to tour through for the next couple of months. I love that the Christmas season starts with a bang here and keeps rolling ’til the last egg is nogged.

Today I love that we are going to the cottage tonight to spend the remainder of the weekend there. I love that we have company coming tomorrow and, if things don’t go horribly wrong, there will be so many barbecued ribs that there will be leftovers galore. I love that we will be playing cumulative Scrabble again, complete with tile swapping and only one cumulative score being kept. I love that we have exceeded a score of 750 points already, though we’ve only been playing this for a few weeks and that we’re gunning to break 800 now.

Today I love remembering the little stream that flows beside the cottage. I love breakfast at the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market. I love that the market will keep on going all winter long. I love that even when the vendors thin out and the market moves completely indoors, it still reminds me that summer is coming. I love the way this town sings in the alleys and whistles on the streets, I love how it hums along to its own steady tune, how it knows all the words to its own song and sings it quietly but boldly. I love that this town is musical, poetic, artistic in so many ways.

Today I love drinking coffee while I dream about the little stream by the cottage.

Today I Love The Santa Claus Parade

Kelly Babcock

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