Colpoy's Bay mist

The mysterious Bruce County is out there somewhere

Today I love the misty distant shore of Bruce County as seen from my vantage here in Grey County. I love pondering my place here on the peninsula whose base arguably starts on a line that stretches from the harbor of Owen Sound to some point on the Huron coast. I love the sweet nature of this part of the world, love that it can take on the heaviness of winter’s snows and shoulder the weight and wait out the cold and come roaring back to life in the spring. I love how soundly our area sleeps in the winter months, love the smell of frosted, snow packed trails through woods. I love the sound of a crackling outdoor fire and the taste of tea made in the bush. I love looking forward to all of that from here inside the cottage that is inside the bowl of mist that fences in our entire world and holds it in a mystery. I love that since the propane space heater decided to start grinding and smoking (blower motor bearings maybe?), it chose to do it while we were here and could turn it off, instead of trying to do it all on its own and possibly burning the place down. I love when things like that work out for the best, even though they’re not the best things to have happen.

Today I love that friends of ours, and even a band mate of mine, are performing a show and we get to see it. I love that it is a show full of songs that are even older than I am, and that’s old, baby. I love that a lot of this morning has been spent listening to music played on the piano at the cottage. I love that lots of that music has been Beatles songs. I love that those guys wrote a lot of songs that are relatively unknown in the popular music world.

Today I love doughnuts from the grocery store in the sparkling, waterside town of Wiarton. I love that the label on the doughnuts said “stormade” and that I thought “There’s no way I’m waiting for a ‘storm’ to make use of this ‘ade.'” I love how easy and comfortable it is at the cottage on the weekends. I love that a flock of black and white ducks spent the morning offshore from our yard, diving and preening on the water. I love the soft, silvered grey of this easy fall day.

Today I love drinking coffee at the cottage on a soft and slow Sunday morning.