hat,coat,mitts & boots

Ready for action

Today I love that feeling of impending joy that I get when it seems like something good is about to happen. I love it especially when I have no idea what that good thing might be, but because I am sensitive to things I am thankful for, I’m almost always rewarded with something good whenever that feeling hits, and I’m feeling it now. I love the weight of joy that people willingly carry in the face of adversity, even when it seems like it cannot help, and I love how it always mitigates the bad and amplifies the good in life, so yes, it always helps. I love that I used to insist that people need to “carry their own water” and be responsible for their own burdens until I realized that carrying a burden for someone else can be a positive experience, so now I gently urge people to “carry their own joy.” I love that this day is Thanksgiving day in the United States and as many of my readers are American, I love that I get to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday season. I love people celebrating gratitude and thankfulness, you’ve got the best job in the world if that’s what you’re busy at today.

Today I love when things work out like they were meant to fit together like blocks in a building set or panels on a Quonset hut. I love when things don’t work out perfectly because that’s when opportunities arise, options need to be considered and good things can be discovered that would have been overlooked. I love taking care of things the best I can because it means things are moving forward. I love how the entire outlook on the day can change with one good outcome to a task that needed doing.

Today I love the memory of peanut butter pie from a week ago, never had it before, hope I have it again someday, different but really good. I love indoor boots that seem like they are parkas for my feet. I love my winter coat that fits me perfectly even though, according to the size on the label, it darned well shouldn’t, I’m not a small for any other coat. I love that I can get my gear on and head out into the winter weather and be comfortable and still able to work.

Today I love drinking coffee by the fire while my coat and hat and mitts and boots sit ready and waiting, in case I need to go out.