easy chair and coffee

Sunday easiness

Today I love slow sweet Sundays and their warm and wonderful way of filling in their half of the weekend with calmness and joy and that sense of everything being just the way it should be. I love that this weekend has been so full that it feels like it has already been three or four days long and yet, here’s a Sunday, all of it, waiting to be enjoyed at a slow and easy pace if we so choose. Perhaps that’s what we shall do with it. I love remembering Sundays from my youth, the meals with family and the chances to visit or play tourist in our own area, the entertainment that was often available, or just the opportunity to stay home and watch a movie with the people I cared for. I love that there are so many ways to enjoy a Sunday and I love that we get the chance to indulge in Sundays once every seven days. They say you can’t have too much of a good thing, but with something as good as a Sunday, I say let’s not chance finding out that that’s wrong, I mean, just who are “they” anyway. I’ll take my Sundays once a week and I’ll love them all, thanks.

Today I love that there are tree decorating plans for the big spruce on the front lawn and I’m kind of excited about that ’cause it’s reminding me of the tree in my yard at my home of 30 plus years that I used to decorate and at one point had over 800 lights strung up on it from its towering top down to its lowest branches. I love that I will be getting out the really big ladder and getting a chance to view the neighborhood from a new vantage point. I may have mentioned before that I love to climb things, and the fact that I cannot stand to see views from up high on TV and monitor screens seems to not stop me at all from enjoying heights in real life.

Today I love leftover banana bread and poppy seed loaf. I love that my curling form is getting more comfortable. I love that the more I understand the game the more I enjoy it. I love that we are considering getting a robot vacuum cleaner but we are not considering acquiring a cat to ride around on it. I love that I got my fix for pizza last night at our annual Santa Spiel.

Today I love drinking a big bowl of coffee in my easy chair while Sunday settles down on me and eases me into its charming and comfortable ways.