flowers in November

Resilience resides

Today I love resilience like that demonstrated by the tiny flowers in our front bed. I love that, although it has snowed in our area, those soldiers of the softer seasons have mustered their energies and brought little lights of color to our lives. I love that the same resilience is often found in people, some of them blooming in spite of the climate that others would create for them. I love how powerful a heart can become when it knows it is on the right track. I love that I have seen hearts like that in people of resilience and I have been blessed to witness their determination. I love that the powerful heart will accept the consequences of people’s actions when those people don’t get to determine the course of someone else’s life. I love that, whether or not those people learn a lesson, they at least have the opportunity to. I love that the determined heart or soul of a good person can make progress at the same time that they feel loss. I love people with determined hearts, and I love that people with determined opinions about others don’t always get their own way. I do not love that people who expect others to make them happy by listening and heeding their words, never do find happiness that way, but I love that there’s always a chance to learn that happiness is something they do themselves, not something that others cause for them.

Today I love that it is Saturday and we are deep in the throes of a fine November weekend. I love that there is a maple tree at the cottage that hasn’t yet started to change color. I love the blaze of rust and gold along the bluff across the bay from us. I love that there is a circle of life that can be seen each year and that I have a new place to view it from.

Today I love breakfast at the market. I love that we got more fresh bread there today and fresh eggs and maple cured bacon. I love that on most weeks we buy Syrian food from a very nice man who has found a life for himself and his family here. I love that he is a welder by trade and a cook because he found a way to share his culture with his new home.

Today I love quaffing coffee while carelessly considering the comforts of the cottage.