Wednesday office peace …

Today I love the quiet joy I see in couples who have found their place in a relationship. I love that there is always hope for people to find that. I love that there are groups of people that share that same good fortune, though often it is a result of the different interactions of each pair in the group. I love that there are often couples in my Wednesday office who seem to share that quiet joy between themselves as they sit at tables and talk quietly and peacefully and without haste. I love when someone smiles at what their partner says even when that statement isn’t funny, and you get that there is an inside story that is happening, like maybe the one smiling knew that the one talking would say what they are saying and they would have been disappointed if they hadn’t. I love the ease with which some couples relate to each other. I love how love makes it easy to treat each other respectfully while keeping each other’s secrets. I love that love makes people as proud of their own strength of character as they are of their partner’s accomplishments. I love people who love people.

Today I love that tonight I’ll be the MC at the Grey Bruce Sustainability Network’s Coffeehouse Collective #12 and that there will be three musical acts and the last one is one of my favorite ones, Our Shotgun Wedding. I love that this town is so full of talent and that I get to remain immersed in that segment of our community. I love how we thrive on entertaining and being entertained. I love that my community is like a community of magicians casting spells on each other. I love that music and poetry and art and storytelling are all like magic spells that make us see things more clearly.

Today I Love Sunny skies and fresh cool days. I love that there will be snow tomorrow. I love that my new-to-me truck came with all-terrain tires so I won’t be changing to snow tires this year. I love that the car is scheduled to get its tires changed at the end of the week. I love that we live in an area that provides such a great variety of weather, it’s like I live in the arctic and get to spend my summers in some sunny warm vacation spot. I love my home.

Today I love drinking coffee in my Wednesday office surrounded by quiet joy and effervescent happiness.