The glowing eastern edge

Today I love quiet beginnings to days of catching up and cleaning up and putting away. I love that we have been sooo very busy but today will be a day to just do things that normally get done on a Thursday or things that were set aside in favor of doing all the things. I love that the day has started out pleasant, even though it’s supposed to rain later on and then turn to snow. I love that it is a grey and brooding day, though not too dark and with a not too homogeneous sky. I love that there are a few streaks of light pink and orange to the eastern edge of the dome of clouds, not stunningly pink or strikingly orange, just enough to remind me that the power is there to display wonder and brilliance and that the reason we love those shows is that they are not commonplace. I love the way the world moves quietly from dawn to dusk and back again and never lets on that it might become loud and wildly beautiful at any moment with a sudden sunrise or sunset or parting of the clouds or a thunder storm, and in its way, it is beautiful by just being restrained and at peace.

Today I love that last night I got to do one of the things I enjoy most, I was tapped to be the MC for an evening of music and public speaking and I got to make people laugh and I got them to applaud the cause of our gathering. I love that this particular show was about building community and I love when people pay attention to their community and recognize that it is a real entity, one with feelings and heart, an entity that thrives with care and suffers with abuse. I love that a community will grow when people care about the individuals that the community is made up of.

Today I love that I actually am prepared to admit that I love snowstorms. I’m kind of waiting for one to happen, though if we don’t have one at all this year, I’ll be okay with that. I love the way the world around us is just put on hold when there is a snow storm and the usual day gets put away in a cupboard and instead we take out a snow-day and try that on for size. I love remembering snow-days from my youth and childhood, now that was fun.

Today I love drinking coffee while the eastern edge of the sky slides through variations of pale orange and pink.