colorful leaves

Remnants of a driveway party

Today I love my own determination and how well it has served me in the recent past. I love that my life has become an adventure because I chose to make it so. I love that much of that adventure is a search for the parts of my life that I love and I love that with that has come the realization that there are ways to love almost every situation and circumstance. I love that I now recognize people who have been doing this same thing, quietly, and for much of their lives. I love that I am not one of the quiet ones though I appreciate their approach to loving as much as I appreciate my own. I love that this world has given me so much to love. I love that much of what I love about life is found outdoors in nature. I love that my own neighborhood is as much worth loving as any other place on earth. I love that I live in a country made up primarily of peace and hope, and that we seem to be moving toward more understanding and acceptance of each other every day.

Today I love how streetlights make pools of inviting gold in the middle of the night. I love how huge, gnarly trees on wet dark Halloween days can seem like welcoming adventures to the climbing spirit at the same time that they seem dark and haunted. I love small towns with their big spirits and souls. I love big towns with small town attitudes. I love the little village that I came from, where the average age and the population were both pretty close to seventy all the while I was growing up. I love the way the driveway looks like a messy dance hall the morning after the trees have partied too much. I love that trees decorate for parties with their leaves and their leaves are like the best decorations ever.

Today I love pineapple and strawberries in my oatmeal. I love that my Kindle is starting to figure out that I read as slowly as I write, and though I write rather fast, it’s not a fast pace to read at. I love that my kindle now tells me that there are days left in the book I’m reading. Well, not quite, but there are a lot of hours left on it, more than when I started.

Today I love drinking coffee in the driveway while half the household heads off to work through the mess left by the tree party from last night.