Lest we forget …

Today I love my life and I cherish the knowledge that my freedom was won at a great cost. I love that, although I abhor all violence, in times when situations have degraded to the point where force had to be met with force, there were women and men who stepped forward and did what they believed needed doing. I love them for that. I love that on many days, but on this day in particular we take the time to quietly remember and respect those who chose to protect us and our life. I love that we can share these feelings with those who are left, and those who lost loved ones and family members. I love that we know freedom has been won and continues to be won because we have the freedom to do this, to stand in peace in our little towns and big cities at our cenotaphs and memorials and experience those moments of silence and take them to heart. I love that if I had my way these ceremonies would become an honor to long past history, and I love that many others agree. I love that so long as that isn’t happening, there are still brave people who put on the uniforms of our armed forces and stand on guard. I love my freedom not just because it gives me a chance to live this life of joy and peace, but because of the cost of it, and because at this price it would be sinful and insulting not to love every minute of it.

Today I love that the market was bustling and busy, as it should be in a free country. I love that there is Syrian food available from a quiet and pleasant refugee who is a welder by trade who now lives in a free country where he is sharing his culture with us on Saturday mornings. I love that there is always a line up at his booth.

I love that yesterday we sang at the open mic and recited poetry and challenged ourselves to be our best and bring our best just to share with ourselves. I love that this too speaks of freedom. I love that last night we were curling again.

I love returning to my house and drinking coffee in my warm home on my quiet street in my free, free, free and beautiful country on this day of peaceful celebration of remembrance.