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Today I Love Local Theater

Good coffee
More expensive than parking …

Today I love local theater and all the talent that this town boasts. I love how easy it is for people I know to suddenly become people I don’t know. I love that every now and then some little piece of some friend’s personality will slip into the character they’re playing and I’ll think, “That’s just like something Brody would do.” and then realize again that I’m watching Brody and Bill and Rick and others I know on stage. I love that I even recognized one of the ushers. I love that we went with friends. I love that the shortest way to the theater from the parking lot is through a dark alley and in this little town many people don’t think twice about walking through that alley at night. I love that we met friends and had a great time. I love that the show was Spamalot and the memorable scenes were very true to the movie. I love that the word “movie” was a slang abbreviation for “moving pictures” and that movies used to actually be a series of negatives through which a light was shone and the image of the pictures went by so fast that, due to “persistence of vision,” we perceived the image to be moving on the screen. The more you know …

Today I love how fast I can get a CT scan done, love that the twenty minutes free parking at the hospital was long enough for me to get in, register, have my head examined and get out again. I love that I just had a scan that probably costs hundreds of dollars out in the world, and I’m all pumped up ’cause I didn’t have to pay the $5 parking fee. I love healthcare in Canada. I love that I cannot seem to go for an appointment anywhere without running into someone I know, even if I haven’t seen that person in over 20 years.

Today I love the reassuring sound of laundry and the smell of clean clothes. I love that my hair is braided and I’m ready for the day. I do not love that my truck needs to be filled up, but I do love that it’s because I have been driving it ’cause I trust it, unlike my old and wonderful Dodge that I had to let go of. I love that there are plans to feed a bunch of friends this weekend. I love that the week seems like it barely got started and now we’re looking down the barrel of a weekend again, there it is, just past Thursday and around the next Friday and you can’t miss it.

Today I love drinking coffee that is made from expensive beans that have been freshly ground, while contemplating the reality that this one cup cost much more than I paid for parking today. Yay!

Today I Love Local Theater

Kelly Babcock

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