coffee at the bay

Warm steel coffee mug …

Today I love life’s regular rhythm, the pulse of day to day, the cyclical nature of each day, each week, each year, the reciprocity of what you put into it and what you get out. I love that my life beats like music, thoughts are the lyrics, home is the bass notes, family is the melody, plans and hopes and dreams are the score, and each one of of us is the star of our own life, our own hit single. I love that it is Friday and that means open mic at the good old Bleeding Carrot Vegetarian CafĂ©. I love that it also means curling again, man, where do the weeks go, it was just a moment ago that it was Friday last. I love the old adage, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” is proof that I am in deed living my life joyously. I love that the joy of simple things seems not to fade if I just remember what it is I love about them. I love people who make their own decisions and then question them. I love that they are often not so much indecisive as they are determined to make the best choices in life. I love people who want the best out of life and are actively looking for it rather than spending their time identifying the bad parts.

Today I love that I am at the cottage, turning on the heat and getting it ready for the weekend. I love that I am going to be a part of a show on Sunday back in my old home town that is between home and the cottage. I love that they want me to tell them a story, but that they’d let me sing to them if I decide to do that as well. I love being at the front of that old church and making people laugh with the joy I’ve always felt in that little town.

Today I love raisins and currants in my oatmeal. I love people whose names fit them, suit their personalities. I love people who are strong enough to carry names that don’t echo with strength. I love people whose names add something to their character and persona. I guess what I’m trying to say is I love people with names. I love names because they are words, and I love words. I love words like cylindrical and petrichor and augmentation and jute. I love words.

Today I love drinking coffee from my warm steel travel cup here at the shore while the cottage warms up.