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Today I Love Holiday Light Projectors

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Today I love holiday light projectors and I love that we bought a two pack of them today. I love that last year we talked about getting one for the outside of the house and I said I’d want to aim it across the street at the neighbors’ house so we could watch it from our window. I love that this year the neighbors across the street got one and aimed it at their house so now we have to reciprocate. I love that we’re going to use one inside the house because it’s the easiest way to decorate indoors. I love that we’ve decided that I’ll move it around the house to a different place each day so it will be kind of like the “Elf on the Shelf” except I’ll have to move it. I love that laughter is the most perfect holiday decoration and that our house is fully decorated just with that. I love that I am ready to be happy this holiday season, it’s the thing I always want for Christmas and I have been lucky more times than not. I love that the plan this year is to try to be at the cottage for Christmas, and that is going to be a happy thing.

Today I love that last night at curling, we did the snacks and since that is the real competition and since they were pretty good snacks according to the snackers … we won. I love that when I was curling, the other team we played against was shooting short handed so I pitched in and swept for their team as well as my own. I love that, since I was curling on both teams it meant that no matter what happened, I was going to win. I love that my team actually won in a very tense match that was tied in the sixth end and we pulled it out with a button biter from the hammer in the final end (that’s curling talk for we scored one point with the last stone).

Today I love that we curl again tonight in the fun SantaSpiel and we intend to have some more fun to make up for the fact that we aren’t going to make it to the next two games. I love that we had breakfast as usual at the Farmers’ Market and met lots of friends down there. I love that the curling snacks we made were samosas and beef enoki rolls and banana bread and poppy seed loaf and fortune cookies and I was telling everyone it was fusion cuisine, and so it was. I love that there were leftovers, but not many. I love that it is Saturday.

Today I love sipping coffee in the indoor glow of an outdoor projector light.

Today I Love Holiday Light Projectors

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