pink skied morning

Good morning, world

Today I love familiar days when everything seems to be okay and normal and the way my days were planned. I love that today is a Wednesday because that means working at my Wednesday office café. I love how I have been training myself not to accept disappointment as the last result of any change. I love that when something that I am hoping will happen cannot happen I have started looking for what can happen rather than just seeing the first thing not happening. I love how often the new thing or the next thing is so much better than what I was counting on, and I love telling myself, “See, you wouldn’t have gotten this if you’d done that.” I love that I found the perfect analogy for this whole thing in the game of Scrabble, where I plan on doing something and when it’s my turn the place I wanted to play is gone … but then I discover, or am shown, something better that is now available to me. I love that life is actually a game, it just happens to be a serious one and we often forget to enjoy it because of that.

Today I love that the sky this morning was such a beautiful looking sight, like a blue/grey and pink piece of material that was laid out on a table and not flattened out. I love how often the sky looks so bold and beautiful and I think, “I have never seen anything like this before and will likely never see anything this beautiful again.” and then the next day I see something completely different and yet, just as beautiful. I love how that is just like life, there’s always something beautiful to be found if you just look up every now and then.

Today I love curry, I used to have trouble with hot foods, now I’m okay with them, though I’m no daredevil yet. I love how easily my world falls into seasonal routines. I love the whole open mic, curling, farmers’ market, cottage,choir, groceries and cooking, Wednesday office weekly schedule just seems to happen for me. I love each season and the great things that happen for me as new activities become available to do. I love how the world just turns the right amount to bring into sight the next part of my life just as I need it to be visible.

Today I love sipping coffee under pink/blue loose textile skies.