Really early morning …

Today I love days meant for catching up. I love that this day is possibly just such a day. I love that the “need to do” list of things that need catching up on are all within reason, though the list of “like to get done” things is considerably longer. I love that, although there is a big list of movies somewhere that I’d like to watch, I re-watched “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” last night and I’m still feeling good about Flint’s typing abilities seeming to mirror my own pretty closely. I too just slap the keyboard and hope something sensible comes out. What’s that thing about a hundred monkeys in a room with a hundred typewriters? Steve would know. I love making silly movie references in the middle of conversations even if the conversations were in my head and the reference gets made out loud. I love the looks I get when I suddenly say “Steve” out loud in my best imitation of Neil Patrick Harris for seemingly no reason. I love that I haven’t forgotten the list of things that need doing, even though I’ve obviously gotten distracted by a movie I watched last night.

Today I love that as I type the sky to the east is becoming a tortoiseshell patterned canopy in various shades of grey. I love that as I typed the word “type,” I “fat-fingered” the “P” and ended up typing “typoe” which is rather funny I think. I love that I’ve actually written “typo” when I’ve tried to type the word “to” before as well. I’m telling you, I really do type like Flint. I love that no matter where I wake up, there is time in my morning to see what the sky looks like, and sky to see. I love that I live in a country where my freedom can be taken for granted, and I love that I make efforts not to do that.

Today I love that my voice is almost back to normal, though my range keeps changing. I love that the lower notes have been easy to hit in the last couple of weeks. I love that the feeling of being unable to get enough breath is not happening quite as frequently as it was last week, I am not fond of that feeling. I love that I still haven’t forgotten the list of things to do. I love that writing “Today I Love …” is always on the list, and I love that once it’s written I continue to think of things I could have written and maybe will write tomorrow.

Today I love drinking coffee under the tortoiseshell sky while I cross something else off my list.