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Today I Love Costumes

Wednesday office …

Today I love costumes on children who come to my door looking for candy and the comfort of knowing that our communities are really great places. I love that there were over seventy little wanderers at our door last night, that some of them were too shy to come right up to the door, that at least one of them was so precocious that he demanded equality when he thought that his friend had gotten more candy than he had, and that there was at least one little trick-or-treater too tired to walk but too stoked to go home who was doing the rounds in dads arms and quietly smiling at her good fortune. I love that there were some of my favorite candies left over when the lights went out and the door got closed for the last time. I love that I got to wear my minion hat with the single eyeball on it and that at least one child showed up dressed as a minion and her friend commented on the two of us dressed up the same, though she was clearly in the whole costume and I was only in a hat.

Today I love that I found the lining for my overcoat and got it in place. I love that we’re feeling better and were well enough to enjoy last night. I love that I have lots to do today. I love that although I’m not feeling one hundred percent yet, I’m feeling up for this day, so bring it on. I love that I am ambitiously planning to write at least four posts for various publications today. I love that this is and always will be my first post of the day, unless I go on holidays. I love that, so far, even when I’ve gone on holidays, this has always been my first post of the day.

Today I love my Wednesday office. I love that there was snow in the fields as we drove here today. I love that it was clearly disappearing, like it should. I love that mother nature warns us like this, “See, there will be snow. You’ll need to get ready. It will look like this. Now enjoy what’s left of autumn because there’s a lot of this coming and you’ll need to be in good spirits to survive it without harming your souls.” I love how this works, winter fallows the world, forcing it to rest, spring brings on the start of growth, summer gives us time to cultivate and heal, and autumn urges us to harvest and prepare for it all to come around again. I love that, rest, begin, grow, harvest, how could it be any other way? What would make us love any part of that if there weren’t other parts to it to compare to?

Today I love drinking coffee in my Wednesday office while I relax back into my wonderful, revolving, evolving, well trick-or-treated world.

Today I Love Costumes

Kelly Babcock

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