daytime moon

Moonlight morning

Today I love bright mornings and the way they make me want to get busy and do things. I love that I’ve become accustomed to this coughing, dealing with it by accepting it and living with it. I love that, although my voice has not returned to normal, I am feeling more like myself and less like my lazy doppelganger. I love that, although I seem to have strained my back yet again, it only bothers me when I twinge that part that I’ve strained, so I’m still okay much of the time and not in constant pain like other similar back damage times have been. I love when people tell me, “Watch your back.” and I automatically think, “Why, does it do tricks?” I love that I think funny stuff all the time and only some of it gets out. I love that yesterday I told a friend, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, unless of course it doesn’t kill you and makes you weaker.” and I said it a bit loud and in a public place and a total stranger started laughing. I love when people find what I say to be funny, especially when it was meant to be funny. I love that I often don’t say the things that might seem funnier to me than they actually are for others, it’s taken a lot of practice to be able to restrain myself that way. 😉

Today I love that I have a lot of kitchen things to do. I love that there will be cooking and cleaning and hopefully the kitchen will be in better condition when I’m done with all that. I love that yesterday I replaced the switches in the downstairs bathroom and now the fan in there can be run for a set amount of time and then shuts itself off. I love that we have LED bulbs in the entire house, or so I keep thinking, and then I find another fixture that I completely forgot about, like the dining room fixture. D’oh!

Today I love that there are still doughnuts here, but they won’t last the day. I love that the moon is drifting through the morning, leading the way for the sun, looking crisp and ghostly white in the dark blue of the western morning sky. I love that the two trees that stand guard of our front yard change their green leaves for brighter colors at different times. I love that the one on the neighbors lawn to the north is such a brilliant, bright red.

Today I love drinking coffee under the pale white daytime moon.