Swan bottoms


Today I love Bohemian Rhapsody on the cottage piano on an otherwise calm and quiet Sunday morning. I love that that piano just suddenly starts being played when I least expect to hear from it and that the person who plays it is often so quiet that she shows up right beside me sometimes and, without intending to, scares the wits out of me, so it’s hardly surprising that she often surprises me by starting to play the piano when I thought she was in a different room or on a different floor. I love that there is so much music in my life, though I really do need to get back to creating some more of my own. I love that we play “cumulative” Scrabble where we keep one score between the two of us and last night we almost broke 750. I love evenings at the cottage, even when there’s snow on the ground. I love the water washing up rhythmically onto the shore. I love that we discovered that swans hang out off our little bit of shore sometimes. I love how comical they can be when they all decide to scrounge for food on the bottom of the bay at the same time, with all their tails in the air and all their feet digging into the water to keep them tipped over like that.

Today I love that this day holds some chores for me. I’ve got outdoor furniture to put away and kayaks to move into more permanent storage for the winter, and a work bench to move permanently from the garage at home to the shed at the cottage. I love that each week a little more of the garage gets freed up and soon, with any luck, the car will fit back inside there.

Today I love toast with butter and honey on it. I love how good breakfast can taste when you’ve slept in and are really hungry. I love how grey my beautiful Grey County looks this time of year, silver grey and white, like my hair has become, which is almost the color it was when I was born. I love that I feel like I’m getting younger every day, even though I ache sometimes in places that I’ve never ached before. I love that I can still do so many things and that I am still learning new things.

Today I love drinking coffee in the cottage by the bay while the swans salute me in the most dignified manner possible.