coffee, lake view

Coffee at the cottage on Black Friday

Today I love black Friday and how crazy it is here in Canada now that we have adopted that practice. I love that there were apparently nearly fifteen people lined up at the Walmart door when they opened this morning, and that’s what we call madness here in Canada. I love that they were so surly and grumpy and angry that, rumor has it, three of them forgot to say thank you to the staff person holding the door open and one of them stepped in front of another one to reach for something and didn’t even say excuse me. I love that part of this is true (the number of people waiting at the door), but all of it is likely, and that makes me happy. I love that I do not work at anything that might require me to attend something that resembled a black Friday sale in any way, either as a customer or as staff. I love that I am spending part of my “Black Friday” at the cottage, kicking back and writing just for those of you who like to read about what I love. I love that I get to do that every day, and that no one gets hurt by that.

Today I love that it is curling night tonight and that the real competition in our league is all about who brings the best snacks when it’s their turn. I love that it is our turn tonight and we’re rocking the fusion snack night with stuff from multiple cultures. I love that I love curling just as much as I always have even though my rink has not won a game this draw, other than one forfeit. I love that curling is the craziest game of skill and luck and strategy and yet from the outside looking in, it looks like it should be boring. I love that I learned long before I ever considered curling, that you should never judge any activity by how it looks.

Today I love open mic at the Bleeding Carrot. I love coffee meetings at caf├ęs to discuss future writings with clients. I love that I still have snack prep to do. I love that, though my kitchen is a mess, the cooking is all done and the laundry is way caught up. I love that this weekend is crazy busy and that always keeps me smiling.

Today I love drinking coffee at the cottage while I write.