feet up, coffee

Après gym …

Today I love being rich in all the ways that really count. I love that I have love in my life. I love that I have the ability to find beauty in so many situations. I love that I see clearly that finding the negativity in situations makes them more difficult to appreciate and makes life harder to enjoy, and I love that I do not do that as much as I once did. I love how positive people can be if I interact with them. I love that if I love things openly and honestly, others often find that same love. I love that embracing what cannot be changed often leaves me free to see the benefits of what cannot be changed. I love that there is wealth in this approach to living and that I am rich enough to share that with anyone who would like to be richer in the same way that I am. I love that sharing makes me feel even wealthier. I love that love can be counted, and the counting of it is all in the practice. I love that practicing love is worth more than anything money can get you including more money.

Today I love that I got up and made my way to the gym and put in an hour on the walking track. I love that I intend to stay in as good a shape as I can this winter because there are things I want to do and I’d like to be able to enjoy doing them rather than have to labor at them. I love that there is music on my MP3 player and there are apps on my phone that make walking a whole thing of complication and yet a whole thing of enjoyment also. I love that, although I love to walk outdoors, there is a track in the rec center that circles the gym and it is a pretty nice place to exercise when it’s cold or wet or snowy outside.

Today I love that there is pineapple and strawberry and dried mango in the oatmeal this week … Woohoo! I love how easy it is to be excited by oatmeal, either I’m getting really good at this love thing or I’m getting older. I love that it’s probably a combination of both of those things, and they compliment each other perfectly. I love that there is a tiny Christmas tree on the mantle now.

Today I love coffee back at home while I relax with my feet up after my big five kilometer walk.