cool rainy October sky

Cool, chilling skies and thoughts of warm sweaters …

Today I love warm thoughts on cold wet days. I love people who are happy with their life choices and say as much when asked. I love talking to people who are looking for the good in this world. I love when they realize that it is easiest to find in themselves and after they do that, they see it everywhere else, in everything and in everyone. I love that seeing the good in yourself involves accepting the bad as part of you and living with what can’t be changed and changing what can when you can. I love that there are parts of me that will never be fixed but many of them are more endearingly wrong and broken than evil or foul. I love that I love so much of my life and found so many things that I took for granted to be small miracles of loveliness. I love that I have made choices that have made my life worth loving and hopefully made some others’ lives better in small ways. I love that moving forward is always an option, even if moving back and to the side is a required part of that.

Today I love dull grey skies and cool misty rain. I love that feeling of knowing that sweaters will soon be part of the wardrobe of the season. I love that this morning I thought of my heavy winter jacket and the thought was warm and happy. I love that I am ready for this winter and ready to enjoy it no matter how hard it blows. I love that it is far from winter yet. I love that I am still prepared to go swimming in that cranky old bay if it gives me the slightest opportunity. I love that I was in it this weekend past. I love that that was one of the things I was thankful for on my Canadian Thanksgiving.

Today I love remembering my mother and her wonder and admiration of the town of Marbella, Spain. I love thinking I might make it there some day to see what she was so enthralled with. I love that an opportunity to do just that may soon present itself. I love that, even though it isn’t a solid plan, I’m already trying to figure out how to go, have holidays, and still keep working. I love that google maps lets me wander to places I may never see and places I just may go find in my life.

Today I love drinking coffee here in the dull grey of a cool and damp Wednesday morning near the Georgian blue while dreaming of the Mediterranean blue.