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Today I Love Waking Up To Rain

clouds leaving
The thin edge of sky to the north west …

Today I love waking up to rain falling and knowing it can’t last. I love the distant edge of this carpet of cloud and rain getting rolled up from the north west and exposing blue sky right on cue. I love having the door open in October and listening to the wind in the leaves and the waves on the shore and the quiet, silent sound of Autumn taking hold, preparing to paint the leaves and then shake them around as decorations for her parties, Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween, Thanksgiving, all coming up or here already. I love that I took that photo after writing the line about the clouds being rolled up and now the sky is mostly blue and the sun is scattering shadows across the bay on the escarpment that marches eastward to Kings Point. I love how weekend mornings are such golden times of easy joy if I let them be, how they can cradle me in comfort and gently remind me of all the things I need to do, yet not make me feel anxious or like I’m under a deadline. I love that the wind is still cleaning up the rain and cloud, blowing stiffly through the flags and awnings and drying up the deck chairs just in time for us to maybe eat our Thanksgiving dinner outside this evening.

Today I love roasted beets. I love internet that works. I love that we went swimming yesterday even though the bay was cool and the air was only barely balmy. I love that the swim was enough for me to just not bother with a shower. I love campfires and marshmallows. I love splitting wood, reminds me of my youth a hundred years ago. I love barbecuing anything, ’cause it’s cooking, but it’s outdoors, but it’s cooking … I love when there’s a ruckus in the kitchen and I know that things are happening, getting done, causing a sense of accomplishment. I love when I’m part of that ruckus as much as when it just spontaneously erupts and things are happening without me.

Today I love that there may be kayaking tomorrow. I love that I am looking forward to dinner tonight and even more so to leftovers. I love that leftovers are often better than prepared meals. I love that I have not put any socks or shoes on yet and may not for quite a while. I love that I have funky blue/green plaid Sperry Topsiders to wear around the cottage if I do decide to put on shoes.

Today I love drinking coffee while watching the bluing sky.

Today I Love Waking Up To Rain

Kelly Babcock

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