sunrise through trees

The sun arrives quietly …

Today I love this world of chance, this place of opportunities that often come from random, seemingly upsetting occurrences. I love how nothing happens that doesn’t offer at least education, even though that may not be a fair exchange, it at least compensates partially for the negatives. I love that I am feeling unwell today because it gives me a chance to prove how determined I can be. Stand back, this is going to be messy, and I wouldn’t want anyone to get any on themselves. I love that we are apparently playing a benefit show tonight at my old college. I love that I have been graciously unburdened of details beyond what I need to know. I love that my head feels thick, but that last night I broke out the good guitar and it and I are still on friendly speaking terms. I love that that guitar can sit in a case for two months while I drag beater guitars to open mics and camp fires, then when I get it out it needs so little tuning that it’s virtually playable, right out of the box, so to speak. I love that every time I play that guitar I ask myself, “Why don’t I play this thing every day?”

Today I love the sun creeping through the trees to bring the day gently to me so that it doesn’t jar my precariously balanced sense of well being on this day. I love that it has poured its light in through the window on me all morning so far and I have simply sat here in this recliner soaking up the vitamins it offers like a cat on a window sill. I love that its slanting light is sliding down my shoulder now and soon will be a reverse silhouette on the floor and that will tell me it’s time to get up and get busy with today’s chores.

Today I love that my friend Caitlin did what she always does and wrote the things she loved today, even though her day yesterday was not a great one as seen from the bleachers, where I sit each day in order to cheer her on. I love that I am hoping to get to the cottage again today to finish up the things I didn’t do on Tuesday. I love that there will be music today. I love the way Thursdays have of pulling it all together and though some of them have been rather rough and rocky, I have high hopes for this particular one. I love that last night I participated in a Qigong demonstration that was very enlightening.

Today I love coffee by the window while the sun warms my aching bones and gives me needed vitamins of fire. You want a fission based nuclear reactor? Look, there’s one in the sky, and it’s all ours.