grey sky

Spooky grey Halloween day …

Today I love this spooky day of activity and ambition. I love how much many people put into presenting themselves to the world in ways they hope the world will find entertaining. I love that, for the most part, they are trying to cheer the world, bring it entertainment, because they’ve discovered that you get back what you put out. I love hearing how excited some people are about their Halloween costumes or the costumes of their children. I love how someone hid the Halloween candy here, not because I’m afraid I’d eat it, but because I don’t have to decide not to eat it every few minutes if I can’t see it anywhere. I love that I’m curious to find out where it has been hidden, good job. I love that we’ll get to see all the scary trick-or-treaters tonight. I love that the weather is good for Halloween in some places, I hope it isn’t too bad here tonight. I love that I have friends who think more of Halloween than of any other occasion.

Today I love that we spent the entire weekend working on getting better and we’re almost there, though there is no way we could say we’re healthy yet. I love that my head congestion has cleared up so much that I’m feeling like it’s almost completely gone. I love that my lungs are back to the bad they were before this bug got hold of me, though the cough I have now isn’t as dry. I love that I’ve had almost enough of the kitchen’s mess and am about to clean it up. I love that I am tossing around plans to get some meals together for the rest of the week. I love being dog tired and knowing that all I need to do for supper is to heat up a dish that’s already ready and waiting.

Today I love spooky costumes. I love memories of homemade treats from my old neighborhood from a time when I lived in a town that had fewer than a hundred people and we all knew everyone and where every treat came from. I love remembering that my mother and grandparents used to go out trick-or-treating after we got in on Halloween night. I love that there will be lots of candy on sale now. I love that I am feeling both weak from being sick and strong from getting better at the same time and it is a good feeling to know where I’m at and which way I’m going.

Today I love drinking coffee and pondering happy memories on a cool, grey skied, Halloween morning.