rhubarb custard squares

Office squares

Today I love the music of Gord Downie. I love that he was determined to make a difference with his life and he did. I love that human nature is such that we never can see from the inside how much we affect the world on the outside of ourselves, ’cause that keeps us from quitting when we’ve managed to make that difference. I love that there is a legacy of music that will mark Gord’s place in history and hopefully remind us that he had dreams for us. I love that I cannot help but think of my friend Bob Wallace who just passed away, can’t help remembering him hosting the Tragically Hip Tribute Concert. I love how people with music in their lives seem to also have passion in their lives and often spend their lives learning how to temper it and use it for the greater good.

Today I love finding my way when I’m feeling less than stellar. I love that yesterday I bought a used stereo for the cottage so now the music will be ringing through the rafters by the bay. I love that the stereo deal took place in Wiarton and that meant that I had to buy donuts at the grocery store there because … donuts! I love that last night we went to the open mic and saw a lot of friends having a good time. I love that I just relaxed and didn’t play, I enjoyed the time I was able to spend there. I love that just as I was leaving Bob Menzies got up on stage and performed The Ballad of Ira Hayes as a tribute to our friend, Jake Chegano, who had performed that song with Bob before. I love that the evening was cool and still last night when we left. I love that, although I missed his book launch, I saw Rob Rolfe afterwards and he told me the launch went really well.

Today I love rhubarb custard squares and I love that I seem to have no restraint when they are in my vicinity. I love that they are only in my vicinity on Wednesdays, because I don’t want to get jaded by their deliciousness. I love that I cut the lawn yesterday, love the smell of cut grass, love the summer sound of a lawn mower, and love that when I was done a neighbor returned the favor and played his lawn mower for me to hear.

Today I love drinking coffee at the Wednesday office with the rhubarb custard squares.