sunrise preshow

Morning light show

Today I love the morning show of light and cloud and sky that the sunrise has created for me, for us, those of us who have been fortunate enough to see it today. I love that the covers on the motorcycles puff up like monsters in a slight breeze, like the bikes are playing dress up and trying to get my attention to take them out for a run. I love how brilliant this day is, the sun shining through all the branches, making two dimensional constructs on the ground with the shadows of buildings and deck rails and sign posts and hydro wires. I love the clean and fresh, cool air outside, love that there is more oxygen in it now that the temperatures have dropped, and since I’m having breathing trouble again, I love that extra oxygen a whole lot. I love that I am actually looking forward to driving around town in the winter with my windows down, because that makes breathing easier and makes people laugh.

Today I love that the day’s chores do not seem insurmountable, though I may not get through them all still, because I’ve never met a to-do list I couldn’t add to. I love that the plan at present looks simple enough, a straight forward case of “just do it.” I love that more things might yet be discovered that need my attention, it’s nice to be the go-to person for certain things. I love that I got to barbecue again last night, even if it didn’t turn out as good as I’d hoped it would. I love that yesterday we ended up buying a lot of older produce and now we have to eat up a lot of veggies over the next little while. I love people who can’t say ‘no’ to vegetables.

Today I love richly colored stones. I love big waves on warm beaches. I love that we got the hammock back out yesterday afternoon. I love that I finally started reading the Golden Compass, how did I miss that in my youth? I love that, even though I’m feeling under the weather, I cannot sit still for long, because that is the way I am and I am more than okay with that. I love hiding chocolates in someones lunch, love thinking about their reaction when they find them, unless of course they read about them first, then I love thinking about their reaction when they read about them and go looking for them.

Today I love drinking coffee in the glow of a brilliant morning light show.