mahjong set

Click, click, click …

Today I love the happy noise of Mahjong tiles on a glass table top. I love that last night I won the first (or maybe it was the second) hand because when I picked up a tile and was deciding which one to throw away I realized I couldn’t throw any away because my hand was complete. I had no idea it was that close, ha! I love the complicated simplicity of Mahjong, everything has its rhythm, its sequence, its place and time, and yet I’m sure I only know half of this stuff. I love that I have owned this set of tiles for years, that it has Chinese number characters on it, and that I still get confused as to which number is which. I love that last night at one point I tried to Mahjong with a sequence of “5, 8, 9” or “6, 8, 9” and I was caught out and had to admit that I do not know what I’m doing and should be made to play at the children’s table, if we had one. I love that, although it isn’t covered in the “rules of how to …,” we play two handed Mahjong and so far it seems to work quite well.

Today I love that “Today I Love …” is gaining in popularity. I love that it was mentioned in a book on mental health recovery that was published by my friend, Melanie Knapp, that a friend of a friend has started writing them daily and that so many others do so also. I love how amazing it is that someone cast a pebble of hope into a sea of empty echos and a wave of affirmation resulted? I love that the someone who cast that pebble was my friend, Caitlin Carpenter, and that the wave of affirmation washes back over her at random times and makes her happy.

Today I love that this weekend is thanksgiving in Canada. I love that there are wisps of blue sky between the clouds this morning. I love bold bolts of sunlight across dull rooms. I love the rustling susurration of old dried grass in October’s symphony of autumn sounds. I love old cedar shingles that have turned a silvery grey and black. I love the smell of the forests and woodlands. I love the sound of running rivers and brooks and streams. I love water. I love that I have seen so many fish jumping, so many birds feeding, so many perfect sunsets in my life.

Today I love drinking coffee and reminiscing over last night’s game.