Promise of the day …

Today I love the glimmer of a promise offered by the first light of dawn. I love that I was up getting coffee to take back to bed when I saw it start. I love that the morning was draped in cloud except for the eastern edge and the sun eventually peaked through that crack. I love that the night was warm enough to let me keep the window open as I slept and that I slept well and thoroughly and found myself well rested. I love that, according to my phone, I walked over 14,000 steps yesterday and that many of the last of those were done on the ice at the curling rink. I love that, although we were unable to score a single point, we had a good time getting beaten 15 to nil last night. I love that all the rocks I threw were in play, not one fell short or went too far. I love that I love curling, because even though I am Canadian, it isn’t a given that I would, some of us don’t, apparently, so I’m told, though I don’t think I know any Canadians like that. 😛

Today I love that I got to the market and got breakfast and got the things I needed to get for the week ahead and still made it to my appointment with the doctor. I love that the news is good in that the lump on my side is not anything to worry about. Whew. I love that, even though my breathing has already started to be troubled for the year, there seems to be no new lung damage showing on my scan and we are looking into getting a head start on figuring out what is wrong with my breathing. Maybe this year will be the year we solve the riddle. I would love that.

Today I love that there is talk of getting a crokinole board for the cottage, even though the talk has mostly come from me. I love that my spell checker says that crokinole isn’t a word. I love that when I looked it up it turns out that it is more of a Canadian thing. I love that that makes me smile a bit. I love that I’m now trying to figure out how to help people pronounce “crokinole” and I think it would be best written phonetically as “crow-kin-ole” with the accent on the crow.

Today I love sipping coffee as the sun sends promises through the open window.