sunlight and coffee

Slanting morning sun

Today I love the diamond sparkle of the light of the sun slanting in through my breakfast nook window and lighting up my morning with ferocious merriment and golden warmth. I love that mornings sound grumbly and snarly (okay, that’s mostly me) but underneath there is laughter and intentional humor (okay, that might be me too) and sometimes they just fall together and everything that needs to get done gets done. I love that today work started on time for everyone in the household. I love that I have much to do, ’cause I have things on my mind that could bring me down if I were left with nothing but those thoughts right now. I love that last night when supper ended I realized we had nothing to do for the evening, so I proposed Frisbee golf on the Wii and we actually started to get better at it, stupid game!!! I love how easy it is to fall asleep after a good day. I love that I got a lot of things done yesterday and that I didn’t spend time thinking about what didn’t get done. I love days like that.

Today I love that I have anywhere from three to nine items in my amazon shopping cart on any given day and I just keep deleting them and adding others and rarely actually buy anything. I love that it makes me laugh to think that it is like wandering through the worlds largest department store with a giant cart and picking stuff up and then putting it back and just doing this for days. I love that I keep thinking that one of these days when I actually check out (I do that sometimes) I’m gonna check off the gift wrapping option and send myself a present! I love that there is a world of humorous possibilities in life that are just waiting to be noticed.

Today I love that it is apple season again and soon it will be apple cider making season. I love the leaves on the trees and how golden many of them have turned, like the color of the light from my morning sun today. I love that I think I can fix the stupid igniter on my barbecue with a bit of ABS solvent. I love when things work out, but I still love when they don’t so long as I tried.

Today I love drinking coffee in the golden sun in the breakfast nook. Even though it’s rising up much higher into the sky and not sliding across my view anymore, it’s still quite spectacular.