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Today I Love The Chill In My Feet

dock on shore
Ready for winter

Today I love the chill in my feet that lets me know that I’m alive and well and capable. I love that I just walked up out of the bay and onto the shore after jacking out the posts that hold our dock in place, that the dock has been winched up on shore and is ready to watch the bay freeze and weather the winter. I love that it was easier than I thought it would be. I love that the water is warmer than one might think. I love that the fireplace is here to warm my feet for me now that I’m out of the bay. I love that that dock is so easy to manage. I love that next spring can’t come soon enough for me because I’m looking forward to a summer season on the bay. I love that if I have to wait for that, at least I get autumn and winter to enjoy while I wait. I love sweet October’s moodiness, her balmy days and her wild, cold ones. I love that there isn’t a time that I don’t appreciate.

Today I love that it is Saturday. I love that, although I missed the market today, it was likely bustling and crowded as always. I love how much the leaves have changed, that we’ll get to see them today when we go for a walk to Bruce’s Caves. I love that it has been years since I’ve been there, decades actually, and I really don’t remember much of that trip. I love that I’m more than a little excited about this walk. I love that I’ve managed to wander around a lot of trails in my area in my fifty plus years and yet there are places I’ve never been until recently. I love that I am enjoying my adventures immensely.

Today I love perfect toast with a good breakfast. I love that we are still eating turkey from last weekend. I love playing music. I love that even though my lungs are already giving me trouble this year I am still singing. I love cooperative, cumulative and collective score scrabble where we keep one score between the two of us and swap letters as needed and try to set each other up because that makes our score even higher. I love that there is home made ice cream still in the freezer. I love that there is home, and that home is a feeling more than a place.

Today I love drinking coffee by the fire while the recently dry-docked dock reclines on shore.

Today I Love The Chill In My Feet

Kelly Babcock

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