Bruce's caves

Spelunking adventures

Today I love that crescent moon that I glimpsed out the window before the clouds drifted over it like curtains, hiding its bashful curves from prying eyes. I love being up early in the morning though I cannot deny that I also love sleep and sleeping in. I love that I might have figured out what is wrong with my phone and it may have been the dumb end (the wall plug) of the charger being a loose fit in the wall. I love (sort of) that my lungs have started acting up already this year so now maybe I’ll have this distressed breathing for long enough for my health team to get to the bottom of the problem this year. I love that even if they don’t, I will be around for the spring and many more crescent moons. I love that today will be a good day for getting things done, that the past weekend saw a lot of things get accomplished and I intend to continue the trend for a little longer. I love that even though we worked on a bunch of things in the past three days we also took time to have some fun. I loved going to Bruce’s Caves on Saturday, and finishing that damned book with the stupid, miraculous ending yesterday. I love my life.

Today I love that I have three blog posts to publish and possibly a fourth to write today. I love that I may try to go to the cottage to write sometime over the next week or two. I love that I am suddenly interested in writing a sort of a silly love song just for the fun of it. I love that I started writing a song several years ago about a dedicated love that sort of degraded into a stalker song and I couldn’t finish it but I may do that also. I love that there are four characters in my novel that I haven’t been in touch with in a while and I may take some time to reread my manuscript and see if I can’t find a way for them to resolve their final issues.

Today I love cinnamon and raisins in my oatmeal. I love serious people doing serious things for their own betterment. I love people who hang on so tight to what they believe in, and don’t try to force it on others to reinforce their own beliefs. I love people who follow their hearts rather than following instructions on how to be dedicated. I love people who can examine the cause of their anger, because usually anger turns out not to be the best course once you figure out why you’re upset.

Today I love drinking coffee and watching for the curvaceous crescent moon to walk past her cloudy curtains again, which isn’t going to happen by the looks of the weather, but I can dream.