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Today I Love Sweater Weather

Sweater weather

Today I love sweater weather, or as the people of Great Britain might say, “jumper weather.” I love that today I remembered an old sweater my mom had given me that I wore for three decades and finally had to throw out because it had completely unraveled. I still miss it’s frosted, dark blue mystery of a color and its heavy warmth. I love the sweater my little brother knit for me for Christmas when he was in high school, and I still love to wear it. I love the new heavy sweater that I received as a gift from my friend just recently and I love that she spent a year working on it off and on while doing so many other amazing projects and that she got it done just in time for curling and for the colder weather to start. I love that I have been wearing it around and everyone has been telling me how wonderful it is. I love its warm and heavy feel, like I’m being hugged by someone who doesn’t want to let go, and that’s just fine by me. I love scarves that will sit properly on my shoulders and block the wind without being tight on my neck.

Today I love that yesterday I hosted the open mic as usual, but with a voice I borrowed from Kim Karnes, man what a cold I’ve got, and wow did it sound gritty yesterday. I love that I got to sing with my good friend Kailey Hawkins once again, and even though my voice was cracked and shady sounding, I loved harmonizing with her. I love that we went curling and I especially love that my team actually scored two points last night. I love that even though the score was nine to two against us, we won because they only had one member of their team available to play, so the rest of their team was made up of a spare and one of our players. I loved playing six rock ends ’cause it was a new and interesting strategy, simpler and with quicker results.

Today I love that I got to go to the farmers’ market all bundled up in my sweater. I love that my Saturday routine still involves breakfast there and buying bread and eggs and bacon and veggies and honey and other things as we need them. I love the dark and distant sun and the slow and subtle changes as the world tilts it’s northern hemisphere away towards cooler space, getting ready to swing back again and bring us round to yet another spring. I love that in the grand scheme of things, the changing seasons are nothing more than our big old planet having a big old wobble to it. That would seem to fit with how I make my way through life.

Today I love drinking coffee, in my sweater, by the fire, wearing a scarf, on a Saturday morning.

Today I Love Sweater Weather

Kelly Babcock

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