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Today I Love So Much Culture

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Today I love so much culture surrounding me in my life these days. I love that I got to go to the Mid Autumn Festival last night and join in the parade of lanterns under the moon and eat mooncakes and other good things in celebration of the mid-autumn moon and the harvest. I love that there are so many cultures that welcome people to their celebrations. I love that last night there was a full moon celebration at M’Wikwedong Native Cultural Resource Centre, and though I don’t love that I didn’t get to that, I love the memories of going there. I love that I have been able to experience so much in my community, made to feel at home in so many ways. I love learning about other traditions and activities. I love that the culture continues this weekend when we will be deep frying a turkey and maybe creating some new traditions or maybe just changing up some old ones for the year, time will tell.

Today I love that I also attempted to give blood last night, but because I’d forgotten about the antibiotics I was on and couldn’t remember what they were I was politely declined, told that my heart was in the right place when I begged without shame to be allowed to donate, and offered cookies and coffee anyway. I love that I can go give blood when they come back to town in a month, that will be good. I love that I’ve started doing this, that I took the time to find out if I was able to donate, that I submitted to the scrutiny of my past health issues and was approved. I love that I can help in this very passive, yet important way.

Today I love that I am busy, that the day is a sunny one so far, that I have some errands to run that will take me to the cottage for a bit, and that I got so much done yesterday. I love that I will get to spend much of today offline, but that I will be popping in every now and then to keep an eye on the place. I love that I will see things I will want to share online through the day and some of them will make it there. I love that this day has started so easily and seems to be going to continue to be that way, even though there is so much to be done.

Today I love coffee in the morning sunlight while I ready myself for the day’s duties.

Today I Love So Much Culture

Kelly Babcock

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