drifting clouds

The race is on …

Today I love racing clouds tearing their way northward in the eastern sky. I love that we have done so many last minute, fair weather things in the last month and I love that if the weather turns completely right now I’d be okay with that because the last two months have been lived without regrets. I love that it is my intention to enjoy the coming autumnal changes and then revel in winter’s crystal palaces, to hide in comfortable caverns of living room warmth during raging weather, and to head out into the teeth of the cold whenever that is required. I love that I am ready for this winter. I love that I’m easing into the coming seasons, I’ve already lost a game of curling. I love that autumn and winter are two of the surest signs I know, of the coming of spring. I love looking forward to melting snow and warming winds, and that can’t be done so satisfyingly any other time of year but winter, so bring that on. I love that winter coming means I’ve almost survived another year, just have to get to January for the old odometer to roll over again.

Today I love that last night we had a meeting to discuss dragon boating and the club is in good shape. I love that we had potluck dinner and lots of laughter and planning and ideas. I love that I made it home safely, though I wasn’t very well and continue to cough and experience a bit of a sore head. I love that there is chicken soup in the fridge. I love that even though I could feel this coming on on Saturday night we still got lots of things done on the weekend and yesterday. I love that I’ve been told to take it easy today and I’m going to try to do that.

Today I love that meds have helped reduce the aches and pains that came with this malady. I love that I may spend some time reading this morning. I love my world’s sunny bright look this morning. I love pondering the idea of going for a short walk, though that may be just to the mailbox at the end of the street, and maybe not even. I love that even while I am sick, my phone tells me I walked over 6000 steps yesterday, I am a man in motion! I love that I do not sit still much, there’s so many things to do.

Today I love sitting still and drinking coffee while I let the wandering clouds make me feel like I am moving.