East bound autumn morning …

Today I love my ringing head that reminds me I am still alive. I love my sinuses and lungs because they have valiantly fought through whatever this thing is and are now clearing themselves of the rubble and waste of the battles they have fought and the ongoing skirmishes they engage in as they clean out pockets of debris and enemy germs. I love that I feel well enough to collapse in a corner of my regular Wednesday office and do the work I usually do on Wednesdays. I love the atmosphere here in the café, the variety of people, the chances to observe people and how they behave. I love the drive to this place and how it changes subtly from one week to the next and how, if I think about it, the seasons change the mood and temperature of the sights along the way over the weeks and months. I love the moody, exotic look of the morning sky when the sun is sneaking up over the horizon and looking for cover in the clouds that have failed to reach the farthest edge of the sky and let us see the light between land and cloud vapor.

Today I love moving slow and taking my time at life when I’m not feeling well. I love the people who tell me to take care of myself, I love their concern for my well being. I love that I feel guilty for being sick ’cause I feel like I’m letting people down, but that I also feel good about looking after myself when I’m ill because I feel like I owe it to those who love me to be as well as I can as soon as I can. I love that my usual arthritis meds seem to do a really good job of knocking down the achy joint pain that has come with this bug. I love that I am dealing with this so far with no extra measures of medication, but that I’m nobody’s hero and I’ll be toddling off to the pharmacy PDQ if I need to medicate as the symptoms change.

Today I love clean glasses. I love sweet baked goods. I love finding things I thought were lost. I love happy memories that jump into my mind unbidden from years gone by. I love people who struggle to deal with those who put conditions on friendship because the ones who struggle are the friends worth having. I love that people who aren’t worthy of being a friend often identify themselves by telling us what we need to do or change in order to be their friend. I love that I will still offer my friendship, even if I won’t conform.

Today I love drinking coffee on the road in the brilliant morning light of a sweet autumn day.