movie, coffee, moose pajamas, hut boots

Old movies and comfy jammies

Today I love Marian Keith’s words and the wonderful way she would fit them together to paint perfect pictures of our area. I love that, though I never met her, I feel as if we lived in the same place at the same time because her descriptions of the people and places on the southern shore of twentieth century Georgina Bay are so wonderful and familiar to me that I feel sure we must have crossed paths many times. I love that, though I fall far short of her skill, she has been a mentor in absentia, her work and words have been and continue to be like a goal for me as far as style and passion are concerned. I love that I have introduced someone else to her writing and that person seems to be happy about that. I love that said person has pointed out a passage in Keith’s “Lilacs In The Dooryard” that she says reminds her of my writing, I feel well complimented by that. I love that it has been a while since I read Keith’s work, myself, and I may have to wade into my collection once again. I love that, though not in a place of honor necessarily, this collection of books is in a place of access, not stored in a box on a shelf in a garage somewhere but rather, stored in a box on the floor of an upstairs hallway. Where else would you keep your heart when you know you might need it on a warm summer day or a cold, storming winter night?

Today I love that, although we are both unwell here, we are still as cheerful as we can manage to be and we are making plans to waste our recovering time well. We’re reading and discussing possible movie selections and taking turns looking after each other and enjoying figure skating and curling on TV, wearing foot parkas and fun pajamas and sometimes winter hats scarves… even in bed.

Today I love bacon and eggs for breakfast because that’s what my mother would make for me when I was sick and so that’s what I made today. I love that the backyard is a torrent of bird life this morning, though we have no trees in our yard. I love that the sun shines in through the clouds every now and again and reminds me that there are lovely days ahead if I just get better and I think I’m heading in that direction.

Today I love drinking coffee while watching old movies in moose pajamas and bright red foot parkas.