friday 13th

Good day to drink coffee

Today I love Friday the thirteenth ’cause I’ve never had a moment’s bad luck on this day or at least no worse luck than on any other day. I love that years ago when I realized it was a much maligned day I took it upon myself to champion this day and even went so far as to tell people that I was born on a Friday 13th (I wasn’t, it was a Tuesday, but don’t tell anyone that, ‘kay? It’ll be our secret). I love that F-13 brings out the trickster in me. I love that I’m not much of a trickster, but that I pretend that I am and laugh louder than anyone at my lame pranks. I love that most of this description of me is untrue, but the prank is that I’m not telling anyone which parts of it are false. I love that this is a Friday so that means the open mic is on for this evening from four to six. I love that, as always, I’ll be hosting that. I love that I’m as likely to choose something that is numbered 13 as I am to choose something that is my favorite color.

Today I love that last night we played a quickly arranged gig at the college here in town and had a great time. I love that we got to grab a quick practice before the show and I really love that my voice lasted through the evening though it’s a little ragged this morning. I love that there is soothing and healing honey and lemon in my future today. I love that the gig last night was a benefit for a young student who lost their possessions in a fire, because that tells me once again that this town’s heart is still in the right place.

Today I love turkey soup. I love Rockets candy. I love that I have a doctors appointment request in to see about my lungs this year before they get bad (worse?). I love that I got my tax refund finally, though I am well aware that I was the hold up (apparently if you want a tax refund you have to file your income tax). I love that the plan is to use the money wisely. I love that I’m trying to create an argument that makes buying a new E-reader a wise use of money. I love that I did not rush out and buy parts for a new potato launcher, mostly ’cause I never thought of it until now. I love that now that I’ve thought of it, I’m trying to stop myself from rushing out and buying parts for a new potato launcher.

Today I love coffee and its subtle ways of waking me up in the morning and putting me to sleep at night. I love that coffee seems to be the part of my brain that so called normal development forgot.