sunlight on changing leaves

October morn

Today I love curling, which is a fortunate coincidence because today happens to be our first night of curling for the season for the Friday Night Mixed Curling League. I love that yesterday’s post must have struck a chord with the sun because it is back again and shining in my window in almost the self same manner as yesterday. I love that I am hurrying to write this before it gets too bright in here to see my screen. I love that it I Friday and that means open mic night again, and since the “night” part of that is a bit of a misnomer and it actually happens in late afternoon, the only part of open mic that I’ll miss is breakdown and load out, and while I get frustrated with the way others put the gear away, I’m really quite okay with missing the work. Maybe I actually love grumbling about mis-coiled cables? I love that that is entirely possible. I love that if it weren’t for writing “Today I Love” all the time I probably would be a grumbling old curmudgeon. And on that note, I love that this is post number 792 of Today I Love here on Psych Central and if I am telling the honest truth, I love celebrating random numbers.

Today I love that the weekend is looking very busy. I love that I got a doctors appointment coming up soon to see if we can figure out my lung problems before they get bad, though for some reason they’re already giving me trouble this year. I love that I can still do things that require exertion, singing for example, and I don’t seem to cough and hack … until I’m done and then I pay for it. I love that Lexulous told me that “Ok is not a valid word” in a box on my screen that then required me to click “Ok” to agree to that, and I’m all like, “Ok … ay?” I love that my number one favorite confusing word is the middle one of the progression “numb, number, numbest,” because how could that not be number one? I love that writing in American English means that I can’t tell people about my favourite things and have to limit myself to only talking about my favorite things. I love that  there’s a lot of crossover between those two lists.

Today I love that there is still leftover moon cake from the Mid Autumn Festival and someone has some of it in their lunch today. I love how last night when I went for a walk I could smell both autumn and summer on the air, one arriving and one departing, and the mixture of cut grass and decomposing leaves smelled like tarragon, I swear it did, and it made me hungry even though I’d just eaten an hour earlier.

Today I love drinking coffee and dreaming in the sunshine of another sweet October morning.