Sometimes it’s all about the coffee …

Today I love cloth hankies and how they remind me of my youth. I love that I’ve never quit carrying them with me, and that when I have a head cold they are much less abrasive on my poor sore nose than paper tissues are. I love that I have a good supply of hankies, ’cause wow, where is all that stuff coming from? I love that my voice sounds like a chainsaw and I make myself laugh every time I talk. I love that my voice sounding different makes me realize that I talk way too much, even when I’m alone. I also love that, though I’m not well, I was well enough to go to a breakfast meeting. I love that we have grown our content at my local job and are coming up with more ideas for positive, solutions based journalism. I love that the three people who work on the Hub are all a perfect fit for it. I love how much we enjoy it and the position in the community that it is making for itself. I love my job so much, I go to work even when I’m sick.

Today I love clean laundry, especially flannel sheets, because they smell so fresh and clean right out of the dryer. I love that I can still get laundry detergent with no scent to it. I love when people realize that those chemical room “fresheners” are really no better than perfume and stop using them, ’cause I really love not ending up with itchy eyes and a headache when I use public facilities. I love when people think about others when they do the things they do. I love that I know people who spend a great deal of their time examining what they do and what the ramifications of that are.

Today I Love good breakfast restaurants. I love cake at my optometrist’s office because they’re promoting a fundraiser to help children around the world get access to eye examinations and corrective glasses. I love that I got glasses as soon as it became apparent that I needed them at the age of six, and I love the idea that children who might not have had that same chance, might now get the help they need because of my donation. I love that I can see to read and write and drive work and do all the things I need to do to survive, and I love that someone else might now have that same advantage.

Today I love coffee and cake and breakfast meetings and all that stuff while I’m still basically not well … imagine what life will be like when I’m better, eh?