sumac turning

The first full day of autumn

Today I love this first day of autumn and its little mini heat wave that has my whole perceivable world feeling like a perfect summer day. I love that we are busy beyond belief today but intend to end up at the cottage after the whole thing winds down. I love that there will be a new barbecue and wifi at the cottage by the end of the weekend and both those things will mean less time spent contriving ways of doing things, although they will also both mean more time spent using those things. But hey, I love barbecues so it’s all good, and those cat memes aren’t going to like themselves you know. I love that there is a wedding today and it has turned out to be the perfect day for it. Autumn is a great time to get married I think, and I’m pretty sure I heard a smattering of rain early this morning as I lay in bed, and rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, so good luck, Dale and Carolyn. I hope your day is great and your life together is even better.

Today I love that there is a plan to engage in some autumn swimming in our beautiful bay and I’m all for that. I love that the shoreline at the cottage is neither soft and sandy nor rugged and craggy, it’s got some rocks and some sand and some smooth stones and lots and lots of water. I love the sound of the waves washing up against the stones, chuckling and laughing about their play and how each time they come rushing in to land they already know that the plan is to tumble back out and do it all over again. I love the seemingly inexhaustible pulse of the bay, lulling me into quiet rest. I love that it is easy to find peace there.

Today I love breakfast at the Farmers’ Market. I love all the people that bustle through the place, finding next weeks needs a pound here and a loaf there and six of those and a dozen of the others. I love the market providing for the city’s farm produce and artisanal needs a bushel and a peck and a bit and a bob at a time. I love Saturday mornings in the city with the happy and jovial people thronging through the streets and going places. And yet, I love Friday nights in the city too, with the sidewalks cooler and quieter and the theater and the shows letting out in turns to the almost exotic atmosphere of the darkened evening avenues.

Today I love drinking coffee in my chair as I write about, and let my mind wander around my wonderful little town.